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Seana M. Speirs, M.A., Reg. CASLPO Speech - Language Pathologist

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I am a career speech-language pathologist with over 20 years of experience in the pediatric setting. I have extensive training in helping parents support children of all abilities , including late talkers, children with motor speech difficulties and children with early signs of autism . 

I am passionate about providing parent-coaching and now, virtual care has allowed me an even greater opportunity to help parents like you support your child’s communication skills in everyday activities and routines right in your home . I truly believe that YOU are the expert on your child. 

You are your child’s best teacher – and together we can help communication skills blossom! I invite you to check out my posts on Instagram and to follow along in my blog . I hope to share with you some of my favorite toddler and preschooler books, songs, toys and play routines that you can use to create opportunities to connect with your little one.

Let’s get to sharing some helpful tips.

Approximately 1 in 10 children will experience a lag in early language development . You are taking the first important step. 

  • Does she have enough words?
  • Is she slow to talk . These concerns are real
  • The first five years  are crucial years in a young child’s life 


I offer play-based speech and language assessments, consultations, treatment and parent-coaching to help parents learn the essential tips and strategies to support their child in the home. I help advice and support the parent as we explore these aspects of a young child’s development

Please contact me if you are concerned with your child’s:

Expressive language

Use of gesture
Use of words, phrases , sentences
Use of grammatical markers
Narratives / story-telling skills

Receptive language

Following directions
Understanding concepts

Early literacy

Reading , spelling

Speech development

Clarity of speech in words, phases, sentences, spontaneous conversation
Phonological skills
Motor speech skills

Social communication skills

Ability to use gestures, eye gaze, expressive language to communicate
Ability to take turns in conversation
Peer -to-peer communication

Play skills /behaviour

Turns in play
Attention to books
Using toys in the expected way


speech and language assessments

Assessments are done to determine goals and to set a plan for therapy for each child. I offer speech / language assessments to children from age 12 months to school-aged with concerns in the areas of communication . Assessments are typically one hour in length and can be completed by tele-practice.


Treatment is different for every child! Depending on the age and unique needs of your child , a treatment plan will be created in collaboration with you, the parent . I offer evidence-based , family-centred interventions for children .

Parent coaching

Research is clear that for the very young child in speech and language intervention, the best-practice treatment is parent-led intervention . A child will make the most gains in language and speech when there are playful interactions between parent and the child . As an experienced parent-coach , I will help you gain confidence throughout our time together to use strategies , tips and tricks to make the most out of your daily routines at home. I will coach you to foster language during your daily interactions with your child.

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